Top Ten Reasons to Use a Cloud Based Phone System

A cloud based phone system is the order of the day today and most of the organizations are migrating to this mode of communication to have a cutting edge in their business. With this advanced mode of communication system, it is easier to collaborate with the clients as well as the employees of the organization. There are several reasons as to why cloud based phone systems are increasingly being used today by the different organizations. Some of the major reasons are the following:

Cost Efficiency: The first advantage of the cloud based phone system is that they are highly cost efficient because the internet is being used to make calls, the cost for long distance calls gets reduced to a large extent. Various costs with regard to maintenance and upgrades are comparatively lesser as automatic updates are pushed to the phone by the service provider through the internet.

Less Capital Investment: Setting up a cloud based phone system requires almost no investment. This is because in this mode of communication, there is no need for a premise-based PBX and then the installation of the system within the office. In fact, the cost of this internet based phone systems is lesser than the traditional analog phones.

Cloud Based Phone System

Not too much technology required: Most of the cloud based phone systems come with standard software and in most of the cases the software gets upgraded by the service provider at regular time intervals. This means that an organization can always be ready with the latest technologies without bringing about any changes in the hardware infrastructure of the place.

Employee Empowerment: The cloud based phone system gives a lot of power in the hands of the end user. With a web-interface, it becomes easy for the user to customize the phone settings as per the requirement. Rather, it can be said that VoIP makes tracking of employees a lot easier.

Geographical Amalgamation: The advantage of a cloud based phone system is that it can be accessed from a place which has an internet connection. Geographical distance is no more a constraint now.

Scalability: The best feature of these hosted services is its scalability. One can invest as per requirement. This means one can grow the service as per the expansion of busy. Rather, this phone system gives the user an option of paying only for the part they use.

Cost Predictability: VoIP makes the end user plan the budget perfectly. The prices are well determined and there is no need to pay for a service which one does not need.

Reliability: Cloud based phone systems are known for their reliability and tolerance. They are resilient to a number of faults. Even this mode of communication has a disaster recovery system embedded into it.

Security Checks: The security measures embedded into the cloud based phone systems are far higher than the traditional telephones. With the use of the automated tools through the internet, the service providers to a large extent can mitigate the risks involved.

Flexibility: With the use of VoIP, it is far easier to add staff extensions and new voice mails and not much additional costs are involved in adding these services.

Last but not the least, cloud based phone systems have the capacity to unify an organization irrespective of their geographic location. The only factor needed for these phones to operate is a high speed internet.

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